Movie Gift Card -The Movie Card (TEST PRODUCT)

Movie Gift Card -The Movie Card (TEST PRODUCT)


The Movie Card is the newest way to give the gift of cinema to your friends, family, and employees. For the first time in Australia, we’ve combined some of your favourite cinemas on the one gift card. With more than 100 participating cinemas Australia-wide (and more joining us every day!) you know when you receive The Movie Card, you can enjoy the movies your way.

At our participating cinemas use The Movie Card to buy either luxury or traditional movie tickets, popcorn, choc tops, dinner for two or even a cheeky glass of wine, all with the one card!*

From multiplex city cinemas, to classic historical theatres, to regional family-owned cinemas to outdoor cinema, to your old favourite – the drive-in, and of course luxury, 3D and IMAX cinemas, The Movie Card has a cinema experience for you.

*Not all products (such as food, alcohol and luxury cinema) are offered at all cinemas. Check websites to choose a cinema to suit your taste.